Great Utah Mountain Biking Trails for Toddlers on Balance Bikes

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There’s a new trail system in Draper, Utah, that is perfect for families or anyone new to mountain biking that’s looking for beginner friendly trails. I took my toddler, who wasn’t even 2 years old at the time, to explore it on his balance bike. There’s a main path that goes to the top of the hills which he typically walked (sometimes he pushed his bike, sometimes he rode it up and sometimes we carried him).

From the top of the Little Valley Trail System there are 4 options to go down (A, B, C, and D). A is the easiest and the path we stuck to. It’s a very mellow decline so he didn’t need to drag his toes too much and each loop is pretty short (which is great in case of a temper tantrum so you don’t have far to go). It definitely seems to be my toddler’s favorite place to ride so far.

Family Mountain Biking on Little Valley Trail in Utah

23 month old Jackson takes his EZee Glider balance bike with Strider bike pads down the Little Valley Trail System in Draper, Utah. Great family mountain biking.

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