TEjAS: A kiteboarding video

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My current mailing address has been a steady rotation of beautiful, fun, exotic locations. I’ve been living in the pretty little towns many people visit on vacation. When I tell people where I’m living and what I’m doing the most common responses are, “oh wow, cool, neat-o, awesome!”

Then, this fall, I moved to South Texas. I have to admit, I must really love kiteboarding if the lure of kiting new places was strong enough to drag me to such a foreign land.

Texas was different, but there was no shortage of fun to be had. Here’s a short video Blaine Baker and I put together during our time on South Padre Island, TX. Enjoy!


One thought on “TEjAS: A kiteboarding video

  1. Casey Sowul says:

    So obsessed with this opening scene … great shot!

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