Starting a Brand & Continuing a Movement With 山ILD

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A Note from Spread Stoke: Love for the mountains is powerful.  It is passion that extends from one’s own personal endeavors to a collective who pays homage to these beautiful, geological titans. The mountains are where we go to conquer our fears, learn about our mental and physical capabilities, escape from societal pressures and routines, and fall in love over and over, whether it is with a new line, view, or moment.  The feelings the mountains bestow us are uncontainable. These feelings transpire all around the world and communities are built upon them.  It is these ‘communities’, like the one Dani DeSalvio, a lady shredder with great alacrity, is trying to grow with her brand 山ILD. 

山ILD looks to unite individuals with a strong love for the mountains all around the world.  With her first project, ‘山ILD Women’, Dani will portray female influence on the snow industry and how women continue to grow with the support of their fellow mountain companions.

Spread Stoke is super excited to be working with 山ILD and we encourage you to check out the brand, get on board and join the community. Without further ado, here is an introduction from Dani about 山ILD.

What does 山ILD  mean?
山 = mountain in Japanese and also Chinese. It also looks like our English letter “W” hence how 山ILD was born. 

After traveling around Hokkaido last season, I still wanted a way to connect my love for Japanese culture with my passion for skiing and visual arts. What I have personally noticed about the ILD logo and name is that it is actually a conversation starter, which gets you talking with people you might not go out of your way to talk to. 

What is 山ILD about?
This is exactly what our mission sets out to do, which is to connect people worldwide with our similar passions for the mountains. The people who are involved in the 山ILD company are the influencers and riders making positive changes in our snow industry.

What is your next step for 山ILD ? 
Well, we started to pump out comfy tee-shirts and stickers and plan to expand later on an apparel line.

The goal for this year and what I am focusing on is a video project for the brand, titled 山ILD WOMEN. The plan is to enter this film into snow related film festivals. This will be a short video which centers around strong female influencers in the ski and snowboard industry. These women are either on their way to becoming professional athletes, are professional athletes, or are just your average local lady ripper.  I would like this project to continue the women’s movement in the snow industry, because yes we do shred. 

Who are you influenced by?
I am very influenced by my soul shred sisters I have met over the United States the past five years. They helped me grow into a better skier and are always encouraging me to be better on and off the hill. I am very thankful for Ed Lewis (founder of SNOCRU) for being real with me, opening my eyes to what I need to do to achieve higher. He is a great leader and I hope to be more like him in the future. Also, Lynsey Dyer and Rachael Burks. Damn, after hearing these women talk at the “Pretty Faces” premiere at iF3 International Film Festival, my motivation kicked in. Rachael Burks worked her ass off in the summer to pay off her own heli-skiing trip for the film.

How can I get involved or support the “山ILD WOMEN” project?
Great question! If you want to be involved in this project as an athlete or just want to stay in the know about the project, email Dani DeSalvio at  If you are interested in supporting this project, check back when we are doing our fundraising campaign. You can also email if you would like to purchase tee-shirts or stickers. 


I am also very excited to be working and partnering directly with Spread Stoke on the 山ILD WOMEN project beginning this January. After revealing the project and attending International Women’s Ski Day in Killington, Vermont, I have received nothing but positive support, encouragement, and new friendships. Check our website for more information on this project here:


Cheers and stay stoked,

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