January Rehash – Getting Deep in the Wasatch

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The month of January has been an interesting one in the Wasatch. 2014 kicked off with rollover powder from the previous year.

Old Town, Park City

old town pow turn

Photo credit: Colter Wade 


photo credit: Colter Wade 

Champagne pow gradually fluctuated to mostly sugar and cream. Lack of freshies led to getting creative with local terrain. 

Transit Center Pillows

Transit center stalefish

Photo credit: Ben van Avermaete

Shred the Bush

sugar spray old town pow

Photo credit: Ben van Avermaete

Creamy, Sugary, Butter

Pow Butta

Photo credit: Colter Wade

Just when Old Man Winter’s local approval ratings began to dip, a series of storms pushed into the area dropping classic Utah snow. Stashes were shlarped.*

Nighttime Powder Thievery 


Photo credit: Colter Wade

Old Town Night Moves

Lady Morgan cliffs

Photo credit: Colter Wade

Riding the White Wave

Lady morgan cliff-BVAN shot

Photo credit: Ben van Avermaete

Pitted Braj**


Photo credit: Ben van Avermaete

Yet another high pressure system pushed itself into the Wasatch area shortly thereafter, apprehending all hope of continued powder terror. Instead, sunny, spring like conditions prevailed for the past 2 weeks, lowering team morale. In times like these, succumbing to frustration seems to be an easy excuse not to ride some snow, however, a backyard sunset session never hurts when the powder is nowhere to be found. Get creative and make the fun happen. Because the next storm is right around the corner.

Sundancing with Chemtrails 

old town one footer BVAN

Photo credit: Ben van Avermaete

And remember, keep it weird.

Russian party time

Photo credit: Ben van Avermaete


*Shlarp – To shred and shralp at the same time.

**Braj – Urban Dictionary


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