SLC’s Backyard: Grizzly Gulch

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Grizzly Gulch photos

Every Season in Utah, I spend some time in SLC’s backyard known as Grizzly Gulch. It’s one of Utah’s easiest accessible back country zones. With famous views of Mt. Superior and spots like Chad’s Gap, it’s a must hit zone for anyone that enjoys the back country.

Grizzly is best with friends!


On our hike up into the gulch we practiced avalanche awareness. Grizzly has about every slope degree and aspect you can think of. It’s perfect to spend a day just studying conditions and brushing up on beacon techniques.

The main gully is a dangerous place all season. Traveling in safe zones on your way up is key. This slide was manageable for experts, but deadly for anyone stuck in the bottom.


It’s a big place! This is the west facing back wall. We planned on riding down the middle and the backside.  Using photos as reference when I get to the top helps. Some of the zone has been shaped by mining in the past, which creates a unique profile for powder-heads that like to catch some air!


The Back side of Grizzly dropping into Solitude.


Dropping into Solitude/Brighton periphery.


Joshua Parker Ending the day with a slash.


Grizzly Gulch is an adventure for all levels of riders. Be careful out there and always stress avalanche awareness. Bring the right equipment and a level head. Always travel in safe zones and be smart about your lines.  Having a good and responsible crew will get you home safe and sound with stories of adventure. Knowledge is power in the back country.

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  2. gooood stuff. love how much Spreadstoke hits my favorite UT mountain Solitude up! (and it’s glorious backcountry of course)

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