Quick Thank-Yous

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Whenever a ski movie premier rolls around, it isn’t uncommon to bump into free stuff. Who doesn’t want beanies, stickers, lanyards, and what not? “Days of My Youth” proved to be no exception. At Snowbird’s Cliff Lodge on Saturday, October 11th, after stuffing my pockets with Subaru propaganda and as many Powder Magazine copies as I could fit in my pants, I ran into my favorite free souvenir of the night: SpreadStoke.

It isn’t very common to score a good website while at a premier. But this website may in fact be the one of the best freebies I’ve ever recieved. The stoke definitely needs a little spreading these days. Going to high school downtown shows you that too many people are lost in the Concrete Jungle, and everyone needs to experience a little life in the outdoors. SpreadStoke is that tool. So cheers to the woman who gave me the pitch about it on Saturday night: you did great and you did your job. Too many people are lost to the true meaning of stoke, and reorienting ourselves and helping others through a site like this will remind us all why we get out there.

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