Getting a Team Together

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THE TEAM YO… obviously Spread Stoke needs more than vision. It’s going to need some awesome minds to help get this vision off the ground.

My sister Casey has joined forces with me and together we have developed this idea of making an online user-contributed hub of stoke, written and created by people all over the world.  Her background knowledge of web development, online marketing, and advertising is a huge asset to Spread Stoke.

Casey is a ripping athlete, ingenious artist, and savvy entrepreneur, with an immense sense of creativity in business!  Together we make a pretty awesome combination of vision makin’, dream-chasing, low-pressure lovin’ chicks.

So with a web master/digital media badass, where do I fit in?

I may have not have become the pro-skier that always bounced in and out of my dreams, but some of my best friends certainly did.  I have an ever-growing network of athletes, ranging from professional, amateur, and die-hard stoke-birds that want to have their story heard.  Along with this network of shredders, I meet people every day (I never took ‘don’t talk to strangers’ that serious growing up) that have INCREDIBLE stories to share: from barely surviving avalanches, traveling continents solely on their bike, to climbing some of the tallest mountains with one arm.  The more people I meet, the more inspired I feel.

Inspiration is the backbone for Spread Stoke.  It enables us to get out there, push ourselves to the limits, appreciate our body’s capabilities, and connect with nature. Time to start taking advantage of this beautiful network I am so fortunate to have in my life, and help them spread their stoke!

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