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Have you ever thought about the types of things that inspire you? You know… the things that get your palms sweaty from excitement, fear, or anticipation. Books can certainly do the trick, so can magazines, but now a day’s social media does the best job of it all. Following individuals and the incredible things do as they do them are enough to get me pretty excited to test my limits.

These limits however typically lie right on the line of scary, challenging, but that’s part of the fun, right (when you look back at it)? There’s an expression that I’ve heard people use before and I’ve always thought it to be quite true: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough”. Maybe that’s why I find some of these people that we (@spreadstoke)  follow on Instagram such big inspirations. We follow many photographers, adventurers, pro athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts who all share what they live for with the #spreadstoke tag and they’re doing big things with their lives. Their stories, photos, and videos get us and many others excited to get out and try new things.

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This week, one of my favorite stoke spreading ambassadors is Jacob Moon, or @moonmountainman who absolutely LIVES a life that pursues outdoor adventures. His adventures, his photographs, and his stories showcase every reason why people love and are inspired by the mountains. If you’re in need of a high dosage of inspiration or just a fresh new face to follow while you sit in the office like most normal human beings, Jacob’s feed will have you lusting for bigger adventures, and planning your weekend activities (while you’re supposed to be working) with a limitless amount of haste.


Keep spreading stoke out there.

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