Forever Stoked: The Story of My Bucket List

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I don’t know when I am going to die.

I intend to make the most of my limited time by doing the things I love. It is my life goal to have as much damn fun as I can before I go. I want to experience everything our awesome planet has to offer: from climbing the bulletproof granite of Yosemite, to exploring the frozen tundra of Antarctica.

#82 Snowboard 20 days in a season

Four years ago on a sailing trip, my friends and I started talking about Jimmy Buffet and how great it would be to have a cheeseburger and margarita with him in paradise. We came up with other things that we wanted to do before we died and jotted them down on the back of a notepad. My bucket list was born.

Sailing trip in Florida 4 years ago

Over the years, my bucket list has grown from 1 to 261 (and growing) things that I want to do before I die. It acts as a compass to keep my life exciting. I am constantly stoked by knowing that there is always a new adventure waiting for me on the horizon, I make sure of it. Whether it is outrunning a swarm of bees, or being a ski bum for a season, I always have a new adventure to be excited about.

#222 Ice Climb

I started a blog for my list in August 2012 so I would not have to keep re-reading my atrocious handwriting. My bucket list covers a wide variety of challenges and personal goals. It consists mostly of adventurous items, but there are also a few inside jokes, like hiding bouillon cubes in my friend’s showerhead. I now document all my accomplishments with a short post so I will be able to look back and reflect on all the cool things I have done. Along the way I have also been able to connect with people around the world who share the same interests.

#209 Indian Creek

So far, my bucket list has actually had a pretty big impact on my life. Now I always say yes to new things, and to any adventure (even if my grades will suffer). If it weren’t for my bucket list I would never have started climbing, I can’t imagine how empty my life would be without it. Feel free to check out my bucket list at I know I will never do everything on the list, but I am making progress and having a blast while doing it. I’m always looking for new adventures, so please let me know if you have any rad ideas.

 Stay Stoked!

-Jake Dickerson


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  1. I like it! Let the stoke run!

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    Nice! I like the idea of keeping a record on a blog as you check things off. Keep it up!

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