A Selfie Experience – New York to Costa Rica

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Traveling from New York City to Costa Rica, see Tim Aßmann (aka Tim Panse) in 1.000 selfie photographs shot over in 22 locations, using 14 different vehicles, and travelling to 2 countries! A truly unique selfie experience! With him on the trip was his friend Dominic Romanowski, from Stuttgart, Germany. The two spent over 23 days together in Costa Rica this summer, spending a good portion of September and October enjoying the beautiful country.

We reached out to Tim to ask him what inspired this awesome video and to tell him how stoked we were to watch it!

Tim said “I had the idea of the stop motion selfie thing in Ireland back in the summer, I took some selfies there to get my presets right and then I saw the movement of the pictures on the preview screen of my camera when searching for one shot. That was pretty much the point where that idea came up!”

Tim had nothing but words of love for Costa Rica, saying “I really loved Costa Rica and its people, we only had two weeks for that wonderful country and tried to catch every glimpse of the moment and see as many place as possible, though trying to get some rest in as well…”

Enjoy the video and ¡Pura Vida!

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