I’m Addicted: Brown Pow in Park City

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This is a been a year of ‘firsts’ for me. This Summer I took up mountain biking, originally to humor my boyfriend and his passion for adrenaline, but as the summer progressed biking became an escape that forced me to confront my fears and learn what I’m truly capable of.

Hands-down, my favorite trail is the Pinecone Ridge Trail.  It begins at the top of Guardsman’s Pass and takes you up the infamous “Puke Hill,” but then propels you downhill through a incredible canopy of orange, red, and yellow (the colors popping during the fall).


Just this weekend, I noticed how much better I got at the switchbacks. I skidded through the turns with my back tire, caught myself, and kept going. That was such a rush for me, I nailed what my boyfriend had been trying to articulate for so long and I just wasn’t getting it before. But this time I felt the turn, I felt the catch back to the trail, and I felt empowered. I’m addicted to this feeling now. It wasn’t about keeping up with my boyfriend or humoring him because it’s something he likes to do, it was about me and how comfortable and capable I feel on my bike. I’m addicted.


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2 thoughts on “I’m Addicted: Brown Pow in Park City

  1. Casey Sowul says:

    YES!!! It’s the best feeling ever!

  2. Sarah Flinn says:

    I got started mountain biking because my then boyfriend (now husband) did it too, then last summer he moved to California for a few months for work and I started going out on my own. I love it (for myself)!

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