Looking Forward

3 2 2016

While winter in Park City is in full swing, I can’t help but think about riding next summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bike snob and I love ripping turns and shredding pow as much as the next dirty hippy. But I can’t help but think about putting tires in the dirt next season.

I spend all winter thinking about riding. I’m just stoked to see all the shiny new parts and technology being released throughout the winter. Pouring over magazines and watching all the new bikes come into the shop is very exciting. And it is Summer in Australia and New Zealand right now and a lot of really great riders are putting fresh web edits out all the time. Bike brands are shoving marketing material down your throat, trying to convince you to buy their product. I’m a marketing professional myself for Jans.com and I like to think I wouldn’t fall for these sales ploys. But I inevitably do and I sit twiddling my thumbs all winter, waiting and saving cash for the chance to order a new bike, kit, and spare parts.

Roosting dusty berms and ripping single-track provides a really unique feeling. You really can’t beat riding fast through the woods. To know you’re in control while going that fast is a pretty special feeling, one that I can’t get down on paper. And to get all sensitive about it: the woods are really pretty too. And who doesn’t love summer? Mountain biking aside, just hanging out with your buddies in the park or enjoying a beer OUTSIDE the bar is just straight up relaxing.

Of course, when the summer does come along and I put my ski gear away for four or so months I begin to dream of endless groomers and untouched pow fields. As cheesy as that sounds it makes a lot of sense. I live in a four-season resort town and if you are not making the most of each season, then you are nowhere near being stoked!

Paul Boyle, All Around Rad Guy

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2 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. Casey Sowul says:

    Gah Paul!! You’re making me miss biking! I’ve been spending countless hours mentally building my new bike for next Summer … soooo many options to chose from. I may be hitting you up for some mental support when I throw down cash on my new ride come May!

    1. Paul Boyle says:

      Any time! Lets get serious and do some riding!

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