Adrenaline is the Best Medicine: Mountain Biking in Park City

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Let’s start today with a riddle?  What is black and blue and goes ‘OOOOOOOAKHTHFF’?  Me, trying to ride clip-less after years of riding flats!

Mountain biking has become my new groove, an activity I strive to do every free minute of my day.  When I am not riding, I am usually on a bike forum or watching ‘Where the Trail Ends’ on repeat.

It not only keeps me physically in shape, but more importantly, it provides a mental workout.  I am not sure if you can tell by my writing, but I have a hard time focusing.  Something I have battled with over the years, trying to avoid medications and other forms of professional suggestions.

Instead, I have learned to embrace my mental capability of thinking about 100 different things at one time, and have let sports do the rest.  Spotting a landing, looking for that next hold in a rock, or scouting my line is what focuses my mind. I guess you can say it’s my form of medication.


Like myself, I am sure there are lots of people out there that feel the same way.  Adrenaline is the best medicine, and a lot of times, gives us feeling of worth, a feeling of existence.

That is exactly what Spreadstoke is about, a place to express your reason for existence. Oh, and that progression can sometimes taste like dirt!

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